Voice of people

Uktam Urolov, a resident of Saroy village in Bakhmal district of Jizakh region, described the work done within the project during last two months.

Rural Development Plan development process

Based on the analyzes carried earlier, Rural Development Plan will be developed together with the local population on January 13, 2021. Today, the project facilitators participated at the training on prioritization of various subprojects. According to the learned principles and stages, tomorrow com…

Socio-economic analysis

From the first days of the new year, several analysis have been conducted in the pilot village to analyse the socio-economic situation of the village and its resources. The analysis of welfare is aimed at determining the number of households with high, middle and relatively low income, their locat…

Master classes on leadership

Capacity building master classes on leadership were organized for the Saroy Mahalla Development Unit of the Bakhmal district. Mahalla Citizens' Assembly, Mahalla Development Unit and the Youth Committee have developed various rules for successful community mobilization, transparent information exch…

Mahalla development unit started the work

On 17 December, project implementation unit specialists, together with qishloq facilitators and engineers, made a resource map together with the the population of the pilot village of Saray, Bakhmal district in Jizzakh region. Temporary Makhalla Development Unit, composed of volunteers, was selecte…

Capacity building training for rural facilitators and engineers

The project implementation unit, together with the World Bank consultant Brigitta Bode, are conducting trainings to enhance the skills and capacity of rural facilitators and rural engineers in Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions. The training will continue 20 days at the project office in Jizzakh. The goa…

Constitution day

Happy 28th anniversary of our Constitution!

Presentation of the project in Jizzakh

On 4 December 2020, a seminar on the implementation of the Rural Infrastructure Development project was held in Jizzakh region. The regional administration, deputy hakims of Bakhmal, Zaamin, Farish and Yangiabad districts, heads of relevant departments and organizations participated in the meeting.