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Environmental and Social Management Plan is under discussion in Sokhil MCA

A public consultation of the "Environmental and social management plan" draft for Sohil MCA was held in Pakhtaabad. Today, on 30 July 2021, Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) draft project was widely discussed in the building of Pakhtaabad district khokimiyat of Andijan region in connection with the construction of a modern school for 264 seats in "Sohil" MCA included in the "Rural Infrastructure Development" Project under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction. Representatives of local authorities, residents of Sohil MCA, regional and district departments of the Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection, the State Cadastre Committee, non-governmental non-profit organizations and other corresponding organizations and agencies attended the event. After the presentation of the project, Z. Rakhimov, Deputy Project Manager, answered attendee’s questions.

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