The meeting with project design organizations representatives within the World…

On December 15 there was a meeting with representatives of design organizations that won tenders for the design of subprojects in the districts of Jizzakh region. They informed about the process of their work at the initial stage, which included the study of objects, communication with the citizens, close cooperation with environment safeguards specialists, architects. The work was carried out in accordance with the World Bank standards, and also some innovations were introduced that would make the use of the utilization of the selected objects of infrastructure more efficient.

In particular, during the design of subprojects, according to the technical task of the Project, engineers included the calculation of electricity consumption reduction. For this reason the solar batteries for outdoor lighting were used, also for safety reasons, they provided in the design project the insulation of electrical panels with mineral wool, also the installation of iron-concrete pillars, and they included sib cables for the complete isolation of the electrical wires from wind, rain and any other bad weather.

In areas where there is a problem with water in mountainous areas and the citizens has to walk 5-6 kilometers for water, for example, in Bakhmal district, a water intake, water towers and water mains routes have been designed.

When designing the repair works of internal roads, the subprojects designers have also included new methods of laying gravel, so that the service life of roads would reach up to 20 years.

Designers take part in the author's supervision over the implementation of the Project, starting from the process of announcing a tender for the construction and reconstruction of facilities.

Tender for reconstruction of the electricity supply system

We invite contractors to take part in Tenders for the Reconstruction of the electricity supply system in the Mahalla Citizens Assemblies of Jizzakh region, according to the sub-projects indicated in the file below

December 10th - the day of adoption of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbe…

The National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 10, 1992 by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan of the 11th convocation. This anthem has been the anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan since 1992 up to the present.
The author of the national anthem is the Hero of Uzbekistan, the People's poet of Uzbekistan Abdulla Oripov, the music for the anthem was written by the People's Artist of Uzbekistan, the outstanding composer Mutal Burkhanov.

Another online meeting of the Rural Infrastructure Development Project manageme…

Today the "Rural Infrastructure Development" Project Director Z. Urakov, Deputy Director of the Project Z. Rakhimov had another online meeting with representatives of the World Bank - social development specialist R. Wrobel, World Bank consultant R. Tlepova, financial management specialist E. Yusupov. At the meeting, the participants discussed issues on the selected sub-projects, their value, as well as issues on payments for these sub-projects during their implementation over the next several months, also they discussed the draft budget use for components 1b and 2 during the Project. The parties discussed the planned offline meetings in Jizzakh (World Bank Mission) on December 2021, where the participants will take part in observations on conducting a Social Audit process among the qishloq citizens, as well as get acquainted with the progress of work on the reconstruction of a school in Saroy MCA of Bakhmal district. The parties also exchanged their views at other current issues on the Project implementation.

The progress of work on the subproject "Reconstruction of the branch of seconda…

The reconstruction of the school for 220 students is in full swing. Currently, the existing building is being renovated, as well as the foundation is being installed for the construction of new buildings.

Meeting of representatives of the World Bank with qishloq facilitators of Jizza…

On November 18 of this year there was an online meeting held among specialists of the “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project, representatives of the World Bank - community mobilization expert B. Bode, social development specialist R. Wrobel and qishloq facilitators of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions. At the meeting, R. Wrobel made a presentation on conducting a Social Audit for qishloq facilitators. He noted the importance of this tool, since Social Audit directly shows the views of the qishloq citizens regarding the implementation of the Project. Social Audit is conducted 3 times, after Makhalla Development Unit (MDU) review and approval of subproject design and second set of MDU/MCA capacity-building trainings and preparation to Social Audit #1, during the implementation of the subproject, and after the completion of the subproject and its submitting. At the first stage, special attention should be paid to the fact that the facilitators should specify if women priorities were funded in Qishloq Development Plans, if the voice of women is taken into consideration in this process. Also the other current issues related to working with Social Audit questionnaires were discussed. During the meeting, the facilitators asked clarifying questions about the process of this tool, and also presented a report on the already carried out work on the Social Maturity Assessment, preparations for the Social Audit and conducting the Social Audit itself in several villages of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions.

Congratulations with the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the flag of the Re…

The law ”On the state flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was adopted on November 18, 1991 at the 7th Session of the Oliy Kengash of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The state flag is a symbol of the state sovereignty of Uzbekistan.
Congratulations with the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the flag of Uzbekistan!

Online meeting of the head of the Rural Infrastructure Development Project and …

On November 17 this year, the head of the “Rural Infrastructure Development" Project Z. Urakov, the World Bank representatives, social development specialist R. Wrobel, the World Bank consultant R. Tlepova, the World Bank Community Mobilization expert B. Bode took part at the online working meeting (VC). At the VC they discussed the issues of further development of the communities mobilization work in Fergana Valley, as well as the issues related to the design of selected basic infrastructure facilities, documentation on environmental and social safeguard in priority areas (water supply, electricity, roads) in Syrdarya and Jizzakh regions, discussion of issues on the start of school construction in “Sohil” MCA of Andijan region and the progress of work on the construction of a school in “Saroy” MCA of Jizzakh region. Also other current issues related to the implementation of the Project were discussed. At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to continue discussing the results at the next VC.

Presentation at the regional Kengash of People's Deputies in Namangan region

On November 10, at the twenty-sixth session of the regional Kengash of People's Deputies in Namangan region with the participation of regional deputies, deputy khokims and advisers, heads of administrations, departments and organizations, representatives of the media, a report by the Project deputy director Zokir Rakhimov on the topic: "Information on the implementation of "Rural infrastructure development" Project in Namangan region" was heard. Zokir Rakhimov reported that 132 MCAs would be selected for the implementation of subprojects in Namangan region. From 164 000 000 USD that were allocated within the framework of the Project for the basic infrastructure improvement, 66 423 294 US dollars of them (40.5% from the total number) are planned for this region. Currently, the Center of Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, СEED (Bulgaria), the consulting company “Rhytm Plus” (Uzbekistan) are carrying out community mobilization activities in Namangan region.