Reapproval of Sokhil "Qishloq Development Plan"

On January 28-29 a meeting was organized with the population "Sokhil" of the Pakhtaabad district of the Andijan region. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and reapprove the "Qishloq Development Plan" drawn up in the 2nd half of 2019, but postponed due to the pandemic.

The meeting was attended by members of the Mahalla Development Unit and representatives of the rural population. In the first subproject chosen by the population - "New School" - they asked to clarify when construction would start and how much money would be allocated for the construction. Participants received detailed information on their questions, and after re-approved the Qishloq Development Plan.

Next day a district project committee was formed under the leadership of the first deputy khokim of the Pakhtaabad district, Rasulov Otavullokhon. Besides, the chairman of the Mahalla Development Unit Abduvaliev Abdukhoshim presented "Sokhil" Qishloq Development Plan at the khokimiyat of Pakhtaabad region.

Training on environmental and social screening

Specialists of the project implementation unit: I. Ruziev, M. Isomiddinova, Sh. Akhmedov organized 2-day online training on environmental and social screening for regional environmental and social protection specialists of the project. The purpose of the screening is to identify the environmental and social impacts of the selected Qishloq Development Plan subprojects. During the training rural facilitators and engineers, as well as regional environmental and social protection specialists were explained the content of the screening forms and issues to pay attention on when filling them out.

Qishloq Development Plan presentation

Chairman of the “Saroy” Mahalla Development Unit Tuymaev Abdunabi presented the draft of Qishloq Development Plan and subprojects proposed for RIDP financing to the District Project Committee. District Project Committee includes key members of district administrations and relevant departments, chaired by the district khokim. The committee will review subprojects to confirm that proposed one do not duplicate investments planned under other state programs, and discuss the operations and maintenance arrangements that require contributions from the district khokimiyat. After the final confirmation, the work on preparation of initial permit documentation will start.

Voice of people

Uktam Urolov, a resident of Saroy village in Bakhmal district of Jizakh region, described the work done within the project during last two months.

Rural Development Plan development process

Based on the analyzes carried earlier, Rural Development Plan will be developed together with the local population on January 13, 2021.
Today, the project facilitators participated at the training on prioritization of various subprojects. According to the learned principles and stages, tomorrow communities will decide on the priority sub-project, formulating benefits of each sub-project first. Population of Saroy will make a decision independently, based on their needs and discussions.

Socio-economic analysis

From the first days of the new year, several analysis have been conducted in the pilot village to analyse the socio-economic situation of the village and its resources. The analysis of welfare is aimed at determining the number of households with high, middle and relatively low income, their location in the village, sources of income. Besides, health analysis was done to determine the health status of the population and the causes of the disease (e.g. lack of clean drinking water). Also educational level analysis and a seasonal calendar is being developed with the local population. In the future, socio-economic and resource analysis will be carried out in all villages of the project.

Master classes on leadership

Capacity building master classes on leadership were organized for the Saroy Mahalla Development Unit of the Bakhmal district. Mahalla Citizens' Assembly, Mahalla Development Unit and the Youth Committee have developed various rules for successful community mobilization, transparent information exchange, free dissemination of information within the community. These rules were posted in a user-friendly place in the rural school building. The project implementation unit, faciliators and engineers from Sirdarya and Jizakh also participated in the training.

Mahalla development unit started the work

On 17 December, project implementation unit specialists, together with qishloq facilitators and engineers, made a resource map together with the the population of the pilot village of Saray, Bakhmal district in Jizzakh region. Temporary Makhalla Development Unit, composed of volunteers, was selected to assist in the effective implementation of the project in the village. Community participation and gender equality in the electoral and decision-making process were ensured. Since those are the basic principles of the project. 52 people from 12 main streets of the Saroy village were active in the decision-making and analysis process .

Due to Covid 19 pandemic medical masks and antiseptics were distributed. The information on the preservation of the social distance was given to all participants.