Tenders for the execution of design and survey work for “Reconstruction of int…

We invite contractors to take part in Tenders for the execution of design and survey work and the development of a turnkey work projects for “Reconstruction of internal roads” and “Asphalting of internal roads” subprojects for the Mahalla Citizens’ Assemblies of Ferghana and Andijan regions. You can find more detailed information here.

Tender for the “Reconstruction of water supply system” in Ferghana valley

We invite contractors to take part in Tenders for the execution of design and survey work and the development of a turnkey work project for the subproject “Reconstruction of water supply system” for the Mahalla Citizens’ Assemblies of Ferghana, Andijan and Namangan regions. You can find more detailed information here.

VC on the World Bank's Mission results on the “Rural Infrastructure Development…

On December 22 of this year, an online meeting dedicated to the results of the World Bank's Mission on the “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project was held.

It was attended by the Project Director Zafar Urakov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adiz Boboev, the World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist Robert Wrobel, Social Development Consultant Rano Tlepova, Practice Manager for the Social Sustainability and Inclusion Global Practice in the ECA region of the World Bank Varalakshmi Vemuru, Projects Implementation Assistant Elena Klementyeva, Rakhymzhan Asangaziev, Acting Head of the World Bank Representative Office in Uzbekistan, and Environmental Protection Specialist from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Ms. Zhixi Zhu.

During the meeting, a number of issues related to ensuring social equality in Uzbekistan, reducing poverty and increasing above-average incomes were discussed, as well as a new National Development Strategy for 2022-2027.

As for the “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project, the parties discussed the results of the "Rural Infrastructure Development" Project work carried out in 2021 , the further development strategy of the Project. Also, they analyzed the financing process of the second phase of its implementation, as well as the issues on the procurement procedures.

At the end of the meeting, the participants reached an agreement to continue cooperation on the issues raised.

Meeting with the independent human rights activist Uktam Pardaev within the Wo…

On December 16, the participants of the World Bank mission held a meeting with the independent human rights activist Uktam Pardaev at “Grand Uzbekistan” Hotel in Jizzakh city.

Robert Wrobel, the World Bank Senior specialist on social development, informed the human rights activist about the process of sub-projects implementation in Jizzakh region. It was also noted that for the purpose of providing the full information about the Project, qishloq facilitators conducted trainings for the citizens, and at the present moment this process is established and documented. Then the Deputy director of the Project, Zokir Rakhimov, briefly told about the progress of the tender works.

Uktam Pardaev noted that it was gratifying to emphasize that the cases of forced labor were being eliminated in Uzbekistan, and also noted that he had conducted his own independent monitoring of the Project, where he pointed on the importance of implementation the sub-projects for provision of clean drinking water and reconstruction of electrical networks in Oykor and Muzbulak MCAs.

At the same time, he also recommended to take advantages of local TV channels to ensure that the general public was aware of the Project. In addition, he particularly draw the attention on the citizens’ satisfaction with the reconstruction process of the school branch in Saroy MCA of Bakhmal district.

The Social safeguards specialist of the Project stressed that since it was a social project, the main focus was to increase the proactive attitude and the potential of the citizens, ensuring their direct participation in the decision-making process.

In conclusion, the participants made a step-by-step analysis and expressed an exchange of views on the work carried out in Jizzakh region in general.

The World Bank Mission's visit to Yuksalish MCA of Zomin district in Jizzakh re…

On December 16, 2021 the World Bank Mission's delegation visited citizens and members of the temporary MDU in Yuksalish MCA of Zomin district in Jizzakh region. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the district khokimiyat.

The gathering was opened by the World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist Robert Wrobel, who thanked the citizens for their active participation, and then offered them to express their opinion on the ongoing social mobilization process. Active representatives of the MCA representatives made provided with detailed information on the visits of the first qishloq facilitators and their further activities.

The representatives of the design organizations that have developed the subprojects on clean drinking water provision and reconstruction of power supply systems approved by the citizens of Yuksalish MCA in the Qishloq Development Plan presented a brief overview on the work they have been doing at the present period. They also answered the citizens' questions.

Following the meeting, the citizens expressed satisfaction with the start of the active work on the selected subprojects.

The World Bank Mission's visit to Kakhramon MCA in Khavas district of Syrdarya …

On December 17 the delegation of the Mission consisting of the World Bank representatives and PIU specialists met with citizens of Kakhramon MCA in Khavas district of Syrdarya region. Also they inspected the selected subprojects in Kakhramon MCA.

The World Bank Mission's visit to Khojamushkent MCA of Yangiabad District of Ji…

On the second half of December 16, the delegation of the World Bank Mission consisting of representatives of the World Bank and PIU specialists went to Khojamushkent MCA of Yangiabad District in Jizzakh region, where they also met with MCA citizens.

The World Bank Mission's final meeting at the office of the Single Customer Ser…

On December 17 this year the delegation of the World Bank Mission in participation with PIU specialists held the final meeting within the framework of a working trip in the office of the Single Customer Service (SCS) Engineering Company in Gulistan city of Syrdarya region. The head of SCS Syrdarya branch Sh. Abdullaev and the head of the consulting center A. Sangirov participated at the meeting. The participants of the meeting discussed the mechanism of conducting Tender trades in cooperation with the Tender Commission as well as the process of receiving the tender documents from the contractors and the methods of their evaluation.

The World Bank Mission's visit to Saroy MCA of Bakhmal district in Jizzakh regi…

The World Bank delegation and the Project specialists visited the reconstruction facility of the school branch number 30 in Saroy MCA for 220 students in Bakhmal district. They reviewed the reconstruction process of the subproject, communicated with the builders. Representatives of the World Bank met with the khokim of Bakhmal district, the parties exchanged views on the progress of the Project. The reconstruction of the school in Saroy MCA is the first subproject that is already at the active implementation process. The khokim of the district also shared that he daily monitors tenders for the other sub-projects selected for implementation, published in the media, and noted that the procedure for selecting winners is fair.
Also, the Mission participants met with the citizens of Saroy MCA, due to the votes of the citizens the school reconstruction was revealed as a priority in this area, at the moment the qishloq citizens are satisfied with the progress of the school branch reconstruction.

The meeting with project design organizations representatives within the World…

On December 15 there was a meeting with representatives of design organizations that won tenders for the design of subprojects in the districts of Jizzakh region. They informed about the process of their work at the initial stage, which included the study of objects, communication with the citizens, close cooperation with environment safeguards specialists, architects. The work was carried out in accordance with the World Bank standards, and also some innovations were introduced that would make the use of the utilization of the selected objects of infrastructure more efficient.

In particular, during the design of subprojects, according to the technical task of the Project, engineers included the calculation of electricity consumption reduction. For this reason the solar batteries for outdoor lighting were used, also for safety reasons, they provided in the design project the insulation of electrical panels with mineral wool, also the installation of iron-concrete pillars, and they included sib cables for the complete isolation of the electrical wires from wind, rain and any other bad weather.

In areas where there is a problem with water in mountainous areas and the citizens has to walk 5-6 kilometers for water, for example, in Bakhmal district, a water intake, water towers and water mains routes have been designed.

When designing the repair works of internal roads, the subprojects designers have also included new methods of laying gravel, so that the service life of roads would reach up to 20 years.

Designers take part in the author's supervision over the implementation of the Project, starting from the process of announcing a tender for the construction and reconstruction of facilities.