Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) discussions

Dear citizens,

Please see disclosed the draft Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) related to construction of a school in Sokhil MCA, Pakhtaobod district, Andijan region. Please provide your comments and suggestions on this document by e-mail ridp@mineconomy,uz, telephone +998712326332, telegram +998992256332 by 2 August 2021.
On July 30, 2021 at 11.00 in the building of Hokimiyat of Pakhtaobod district, Andijan region, the Public Consultation will be held on the draft Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) related to construction of a school in Sokhil MCA, Pakhtaobod district, Andijan region. Participation of the representatives of local authorities, residents of the Sokhil MCA, the regional and district departments of corresponding committee, NGOs and other stakeholders is expected. We welcome participation and valuable feedback from any citizen and for participation details, please contact by e-mail ridp@mineconomy,uz, telephone +998712326332, telegram +998992256332

The project was presented to the Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency

As it was previously informed within the framework of "Rural Infrastructure Development" Project in Andijan, Fergana and Namangan regions, a training seminar on mobilizing rural communities continues, this event is conducted by the International Consultant of the World Bank.
Within the framework of familiarization with the progress of the project on July 14 this year. A.E.Burkhanov, Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, attended a training seminar in the Fergana region, where Z. Urakov, Director of the Project Implementation Unit, provided presentation information on the measures taken to implement the project.
In particular, a World Bank specialist provided information that the main goal of the Rural Infrastructure Development project is to apply a new approach to improving basic infrastructure and social facilities. At the same time, the project provides for the organization of participation of the rural population with broad involvement and aims to ensure transparency and accountability. At the same time, a World Bank specialist partook in the event.
Also, projects were presented for the construction of 2 modern schools, designed for 264 seats in Sokhil MCA in Pakhtabad district, Andijan region and 220 seats in Saroy MCA in Bakhmal district, Jizzakh region. It was also reported that the process of determining a contractor for construction and repair work is currently underway.
In addition, it was noted that in the project villages of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions, 25 relevant subprojects were identified related to the provision of clean drinking water, improvement of power supply systems, repair of internal streets, construction of bridges, as well as with wastewater disposal (reconstruction of drainage).

A working visit continue in Andijan region

On 13 July 2021, QE and QF of the Facilitating Partners in Andijan region paid another visit to Karabagich MCA in Marhamat district. The visit was accompanied by a World Bank expert and the PIU representatives.
During the visit, the QE and QF inspected the territory of Karabogich MCA during each street visit. A resource map of a makhalla was also developed with T-MDU members. The map marked all the streets, area boundaries, facilities, transformers, buildings and structures and other social facilities in the neighborhood.

An ad hoc group pays a visit to Ferghana valley

On 13 July, the Director of the Project Implementation Unit and a World Bank Specialist paid a working visit to Andijan region to observe the training process for Facilitating Partner in Fergana Valley and to monitor the project implementation process in selected areas. During the visit, the working group visited the construction site of a modern school to be built and got introduced with all arrangement.

Another round of trainings to launch in Ferghana valley

On 5 July 2021 capacity building training for Qishloq facilitators and engineers, institutional and social development specialists of Facilitator Partners is to be launched in 3 regions of Ferghana valley in the framework of Rural Infrastructure Development Project.

Design tender announced

On 2 July, 2021, a tender was announced on the website for the design of rehabilitation of existing rural water supply systems, restoration of tertiary roads, sidewalks and footpaths, improvement of drainage to floods, restoration and construction of a bridge, modernization and improvement of energy supply in Jizzakh region of Republic of Uzbekistan.
The specified design work will be carried out within the framework and under financing of the Rural Infrastructure Development Project under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The customer will be the Single Customer Service Engineering Company under the khokimiyat of Jizzakh region. You can find the list of sites in the attachment.

In Ferghana Valley, within the Project, non-governmental non-profit organizatio…

Currently, in Andijan, Fergana and Namangan regions within the "Rural Infrastructure Development " project, it is planned to select 130 villages in 2021-2022, in this regard, a tender was held and contracts were signed between non-governmental non-profit organizations, facilitating partners, providing for participation in the process of mobilization and selecting subprojects of project villages.
In order to conduct community mobilization works in Andijan and Fergana regions, the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development ACTED (France), the Secretariat for International Water (Canada), the Yukalish National Movement and the non-governmental organization Taraqqiyot (Uzbekistan) will implement their activities in 63 villages. At the same time, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, СEED (Bulgaria), Limited Liability Company “Rhytm Plus” (Uzbekistan) will start implementation in 67 villages of the Namangan region.

The online mission raised the issue of environmental and social screening

As part of an online mission with the World Bank, social and environmental safeguards specialists from central and inter-regional offices of the Project Implementation Unit focused on human health and the impact on the environment during a discussion with the international team on 9 June. In particular, on the agenda they discussed the implementation of environmental and social screening processes in the pilot MCAs, Sokhil and Saroy; the period of drafting of such documents as the Environmental Impact Statement and the Environmental Safeguards Management Protocol maintaining this process based on local legislation and approval of them by the state agencies; the meeting focused on a wide range of issues, such as preparation for the GRM process from the regions and compensation for possible impact.

Representatives of regional Khokimiyats discussed the process of procurement

As part of an online mission with the World Bank, the Project Implementation Unit held procurement discussions on 9 June. The meeting was attended by representatives of the authorities of 5 pilot regions and "Single Customer Service" Engineering companies in the framework of the project. Two issues were on the agenda of the meeting: the structure of interaction on the proposed procurement and the draft tender documents. At the beginning of the project, as Sohil MCA, Pakhtaabad district, Andijan region and Saroy MCA, Bakhmal district, Jizzakh region, were elected as pilot areas, the representatives from these regions shared their experience obtained so far. During the meeting, future activities, the process of transparent procurement and a long-term plan were discussed.