1. Procurement Specialist at Namangan office

Qualification requirements:

- Education: Higher education on Engineering, Law, Business Administration or other equivalent degree in related area.
- Experience: At least 5 years of work in public procurement related area.
- Skills: Knowledge/skills in any of these areas: Engineering, Civil Works, Contractual Law and other related areas will be asset. Experience in procurement under the local public procurement regulations is essential.
- Preferable experience in applying the international procurement principles and practice like INCOTERMS, FIDIC, etc. Procurement experience under the World Bank or other International Financial Institutions’ (IFI) and appropriate procurement guidelines and procedures is an asset.
- Language abilities: Working level English. Russian and/or Uzbek are highly preferable.


All interested candidates could fill up the attached CV form below and submit expression of their interest to the PIU via email

CV form

For more information, contact us at +998712326332