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Local Governance Capacity support, Communication and Public Outreach, Citizens’ Engagement to “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project participation

Facts about “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project. For the period of 2020-2024, in addition to financing the Project implementation, 11,700,000 USD has been allocated to Build the capacity of local government, communication and public relations, citizens’ engagement (Component 1 b) Such as: 1. The works under each contract are being studied and carried out with the involvement of foreign experts within 24 months on the basis of public opinion. 2. Services of foreign and international experts’ group will be provided for the qishloqs that are not provided with clean drinking water during the Project implementation period for 3 years. 3. Continuous training on professional development for representatives of local government and self-government bodies and specialists of other departments involved in the Project, in accordance with the schedules is being conducted during 4 years.

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