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A tender announced for the design of water supply in 5 MCAs in Bahmal district

On 27 April 2021, a tender was announced on the website for the design of a water supply system for five MCAs in the Bakhmal district, Jizzakh region of the Republic of Uzbekistan: 1) Muzbulok MCA (lot No. 7106595 with a starting cost of 78.0 million soums); 2) Oykor MCA (lot 7106583 with a starting value of 80.0 million soums); 3) Molguzar MCA (lot 7106589 with a starting cost of 50 million soums); 4) Sangzor MCA (lot 7106669 with a starting cost of 65.0 million soums); 5) Uzunbulok MCA (lot 7106600 with a starting cost of 55.0 million soums). The specified design work will be carried out within the framework and with the funding of the RIDP under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The customer will be the Single Customer Service Engineering Company under the khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region.

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