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New Water Supply and Road Asphalting Subprojects Commence in Namangan Region

As part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s Rural Infrastructure Development Project, new initiatives for expanding the drinking water network and road asphalting have been carried out in the Kurik MCA of Yangikurgan district in the Namangan region. Funded by the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, these initiatives serve as the first pilot projects in the area. They have been selected based on local residents' initiatives over the past three years, with preparatory, construction, and repair work completed in collaboration with the partner organizations “CEED” and “Rhythm Plus.”

Thanks to these efforts, 4.8 km of water supply networks have been installed in Kurik MCA, providing clean drinking water to approximately 2,900 individuals from 548 households. The long-anticipated paving of 6.8 km of mahalla streets has also substantially enhanced local infrastructure. In recognition of these improvements, mahalla representatives have sent letters of thanks to those who initiated the project.

Similar infrastructural enhancements are ongoing in the Jizzakh, Syrdarya, Fergana, and Andijan regions, significantly contributing to the wellbeing and increased prosperity of residents in more remote areas of the republic.

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