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RIDP review of construction and renovation of secondary schools

In the framework of the Rural Infrastructure Development project implemented by the Joint Project Implementation Unit at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, five regions (Andijan, Fergana, Namangan, Syrdarya and Jizzakh) will be able to redesign infrastructure and social sphere facilities, develop territories comprehensively, create road and transport infrastructure, and provide clean drinking water. As a result of the construction and repair of engineering and communication networks and social sphere facilities, comfortable living conditions and new jobs are being created for the residents of 306 villages.

The villagers selected 430 objects for construction and repair under the project. These included 53 secondary schools (3 in Andijan, 6 in Fergana, 25 in Namangan, 15 in Syrdarya, and 4 in Jizzakh) and 25 of them are currently operational. A total of 175.1 billion sums have been spent building 25 secondary schools with 10,000 places and 28 additional schools are currently under construction and undergoing repairs.

Through the Rural Infrastructure Development project with the support of the World Bank's International Development Association and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, these facilities were constructed to meet the needs of the population living in Boyovut, Khovos districts of Syrdarya region, Bakhmal and Zomin districts of Jizzakh region, Yangikurgon, Pop, Chust districts of Namangan region, Sokh, Yozyovon districts of Fergana region.

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