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Within the framework of the Rural Infrastructure Development project, construction works are continuing in the Yazyavan district of the Fergana Region.

In the mahalla of “Porlok” in Yazyavan district of Fergana region, construction work continues within the framework of the“Rural infrastructure development”project .
It is known that the residents of this district during the project mobilization chose the subproject “Asphalting of internal roads of the 5th category”. To date, asphalting of 10 km of roads and laying of pipes in ditches at intersections has been completed on the territory of the mahalla, as well as in future it is planned to install road signs.
And in “Istiqlol” mahalla of the Yazyavan district, residents chose the sub-project “Improvement of clean drinking water supply” as a part of the project mobilization process. At present, it is planned to dig 10 km of trenches, lay a network and install 80 water wells in the mahalla.
Work was carried out on the construction of a biobank room and the preparation of a pressure tower. Currently, work is underway to lay the remaining 2 km of the network. In the future, the water tower will be restored under pressure and work on the protection zone of the water distribution facility will be carried out.   
The construction works were carried out directly by qishloq engineer A.Nabizhanov, under the supervision of activists of the Temporary Mahalla Development Unit (T-MDU) and members of the monitoring group.

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