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Training on the basics of gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender equality, one of the most important human rights, plays a key role in ensuring peace and harmony in society and the full realization of human potential on the basis of sustainable development. This idea formed the basis of a two-day training on the topic: "Gender equality and standard operating procedures in responding to gender-based violence."

The trainings were conducted by Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology and Perinatal Medicine of the Tashkent Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education Guzal Artikkhodzhaeva, as well as Damira Tukhtasinova, UNFPA trainer and consultant, director of the Kalb Nuri center for social and legal support for women and their families in Ferghana region.

Among the trainees were employees of project implementation groups, including specialists from the Rural Infrastructure Development project under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

During the trainings, conducted in an interactive format with the help of surveys and test tasks, the project specialists formed and strengthened their understanding of the essence and relevance of the problem of gender-based violence, its features and types, causes and consequences.

According to the program, these trainings will also be held for regional specialists in the Ferghana and Jizzakh regions.

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