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Rural Infrastructure Development Project Brings People Together

Within the framework of the Rural Infrastructure Development project under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, in the course of mobilization work with the public in the Sokhil mahalla of Pakhtaabad district, Andijan region, the residents of the makhalla chose the subproject "Construction of a new school". Construction work is currently being carried out by the contractor - Zeromax building LLC. Soon, the youth of this makhalla will study in a modern school designed for 264 people. It is noteworthy that the school uses energy-saving technologies, as well as alternative energy sources, i.e. solar panels. - The most favorable aspect of the Rural Infrastructure Development Project is that the funds allocated for the development of villages are directed to improving the infrastructure, the selected residents, that is, our neighbors and we are actively involved in all work processes, - says Abdukhashim Abduvaliev, chairman of the "Sokhil" Makhalla development Unit . “We are all watching the construction of our school together. The activity of the residents' participation became especially active after the 1st social audit. Eliminating the shortcomings and errors identified in the monitoring process gives us more responsibility and confidence. The formation of duty schedules for monitoring the construction site by the Makhalla Development Unit indicates that the activists take this issue seriously. The reality is that wherever the work is in full swing, there will be some omissions. However, in the Rural Infrastructure Development project, it is customary not to turn a blind eye to mistakes and shortcomings, but, on the contrary, to identify them as soon as possible and eliminate them in a timely manner together with the local community, which has a beneficial effect on increasing the potential of local self-government. It is obvious that people are rallying around the Rural Infrastructure Development project, which is based on transparency and openness.

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