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Meeting of representatives of the World Bank with qishloq facilitators of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions on the matter of conducting the first Social Audit

On November 18 of this year there was an online meeting held among specialists of the “Rural Infrastructure Development” Project, representatives of the World Bank - community mobilization expert B. Bode, social development specialist R. Wrobel and qishloq facilitators of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions. At the meeting, R. Wrobel made a presentation on conducting a Social Audit for qishloq facilitators. He noted the importance of this tool, since Social Audit directly shows the views of the qishloq citizens regarding the implementation of the Project. Social Audit is conducted 3 times, after Makhalla Development Unit (MDU) review and approval of subproject design and second set of MDU/MCA capacity-building trainings and preparation to Social Audit #1, during the implementation of the subproject, and after the completion of the subproject and its submitting. At the first stage, special attention should be paid to the fact that the facilitators should specify if women priorities were funded in Qishloq Development Plans, if the voice of women is taken into consideration in this process. Also the other current issues related to working with Social Audit questionnaires were discussed. During the meeting, the facilitators asked clarifying questions about the process of this tool, and also presented a report on the already carried out work on the Social Maturity Assessment, preparations for the Social Audit and conducting the Social Audit itself in several villages of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions.

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