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Meetings dedicated to the first social audit continue in the Ferghana region

This time Facilitating partners, ACTED (France), Yuksalish Nationwide Movement/Tarakkiyot NGO/ISW (Canada) visited "Kyzilkiyak" and "Sebzor" makhallas of Sokh district.

During the meetings with local residents, the purpose of the first social audit and the role of members of the makhalla development units and the community monitoring groups were explained. During the events, the participants, that is, the residents of makhallas, were informed about the goals of the project, principles, activities, form 3.4, as well as on which streets the selected subprojects will be implemented, and about the allocated funds.

The purpose of such meetings is to fulfill one of the main principles of the Project, namely, building the capacity building for god local governance practices and ensuring the active participation of rural residents at all stages of the Project.

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