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Online meeting of the head of the Rural Infrastructure Development Project and representatives of the World Bank

On November 17 this year, the head of the “Rural Infrastructure Development" Project Z. Urakov, the World Bank representatives, social development specialist R. Wrobel, the World Bank consultant R. Tlepova, the World Bank Community Mobilization expert B. Bode took part at the online working meeting (VC). At the VC they discussed the issues of further development of the communities mobilization work in Fergana Valley, as well as the issues related to the design of selected basic infrastructure facilities, documentation on environmental and social safeguard in priority areas (water supply, electricity, roads) in Syrdarya and Jizzakh regions, discussion of issues on the start of school construction in “Sohil” MCA of Andijan region and the progress of work on the construction of a school in “Saroy” MCA of Jizzakh region. Also other current issues related to the implementation of the Project were discussed. At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to continue discussing the results at the next VC.

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